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Heated Knee Massager| Bionic Knee

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Experiencing knee pain constantly can be one of the worst debilitating feelings. If you’re aging with chronic body pains, or if you’re a dancer or athlete recovering from a knee injury, then investing in this Knee Reliever Machine would be great for your health and well-being.


This offers different pain relief modes to address various knee problems.


The Knee Reliever Machine provides a heat therapy massage, which works great for rheumatic arthritis. The temperature setting may be adjusted so you’re free to control the amount of heat and the intensity and speed of the pulse, depending on what you can handle.  


This device also offers an acupressure setting that reduces muscle stiffness and pain around the knees. If there’s some swelling, the vibrations will also help ease the tension in the muscles to stimulate better blood circulation so that you become pain-free.


This can be adjusted to fit most knee sizes.


Because the knee machine is designed with a wrap-around Velcro, it’s easy to adjust the fit on a man or woman’s legs. It won’t get in the way of a person’s mobility since the wrap-around conforms to the shape of the legs. It’s perfectly comfortable to wear even when sleeping or resting.


This is simple to use and wearable any time you need it.


Just wrap the device around your knees and switch it on with one short press of the middle button. Choose the time modes and the temperature modes to set how long and how hot you’d like the machine to work.


Just press the vibration button once to start the massage. Then, press the heat button once to start the heat compress. Pressing these buttons once more will turn the features off.


Giving the middle button one long press will turn the machine off completely. For best results, use once or twice daily for at least 30 minutes.



  • Great for arthritis pain relief and for soothing sore joints
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling of the knees
  • Improves body circulation and metabolism
  • Helps relax the muscles and prevents spasms


Knee Magnetic Vibration Heating Massager Joint Physiotherapy Massage Electric Massage Pain Relief Rehabilitation Equipment Care

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Material: Composite Material
Size: Large
Application: Leg
Brand Name: Hailicare
Model Number: 3-10229
Item name: Knee Physiotherapy Device
Function: Arthritis Care, Knee Care, Joint Care
Color: Black

Heated Knee Massager 

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